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Filling the tank with biodiesel
Biodiesel is being tested as a possible solution
to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels in our vehicles. It may be an alternative to gasoline, but some scientists say it's not the miracle cure Canadians are hoping for.

From garbage
to gas

Small science,
big questions

Setting the pace
for Parkinson's research

Controlling the ravages of Parkinson's may now require the skills of a brain surgeon and an electronic engineer. New implants are being tested in some Parkinson's patients and the results are promising.

Protective role
of the placenta

'We have a pill
for that, and you simply must take it'

Wind energy drives
some animals batty

Wind farms are cropping up across the landscape to harness the power of Canada's wind currents. This green alternative may be good for the environment, but it's bad news for bats that get caught in the blades.

Warmer winters might mean cranky critters
Potential life on a Titanian world

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